KCR - 5 & 33
When thinking of Amsterdam, do you mostly envision stag parties, the red light district and lighting up legally? Think again.
Zin - Champagne
On the Route de Champagne there is always a reason for bubbles. Get on board for a delicious roadtrip through the vineyards.
Reiz& Mag - Istanbul
Nobody in Istanbul is as famous as Ataturk. You see him everywhere: on the money, on pictures by the road and as a lifelike statue.
Telegraaf - Cartagena
Cartagena knows how to party... It only takes a few minutes on the Caribian coast of Colombia to let go of all your predudices.
Esta - Silk Road
The silk road is the dream of every travel fanatic. Imagine riding a camel from Asia to Europe. Or would you rather take a train?
Villa d'Arte - Antilles
White beaches, clear waters, tropical climate: the Dutch Antilles have all ingredients for a dream holiday. Just pick an island!
Playboy - Savanne Rally
Though 4WDs, dusty tracks, rivers to scross - at the edge of the Amazone rain forest. Playboy does Savanne Rally.
Arts & Auto - Suriname
Covered by Amazone rain forest, history up for grabs and people that love to chat. In Dutch. Suriname is definately different.
Flair - My Story
Madeleine about her father, who disapproved of her relationship. "I will never forget he said: 'You couldn't find anything better?"
Vriendin - Tarot
Mysterious? Or not so much? Karin went to a tarot reader and that experience brought more to the table than just a deck of cards.